How can I get my health insurance plan to cover the cost of my hyperhidrosis treatments?

We fully support your efforts to gain fair coverage for hyperhidrosis treatments. This is a very important issue and one that we are working feverishly on. If you have not already done so, visit our Insurance Tools area for some tips on navigating the health insurance environment and info and tools to help you effectively plead your case.

As you may already know, health insurance organizations may not routinely cover some treatments for hyperhidrosis and they may require documentation of medical necessity before deciding to pay for certain treatments. The“Letter of Medical Necessity" we provide in our Insurance Tools area is a sample letter that physicians can adapt for their own use when providing documentation of a patient’s need for a particular therapy.

The Hyperhidrosis Preauthorization Request Form (again, in our Insurance Tools area) may be used to notify an insurance organization that a patient has been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis and to demonstrate the degree to which the patient’s life is negatively affected by excessive sweating. There is also space on the form for the physician to note treatments that the patient has already tried and the next treatment that the physician is recommending.

The Medical Insurance Claim Statement Form (see Insurance Tools) can be used to help ease the process of obtaining reimbursement from a U.S. health insurance organization for the purchase of a home-use iontophoresis machine (for the treatment of sweaty hands or feet) from the U.S. manufacturer R.A. Fischer Company (

If you are seeking reimbursement for treatment with BOTOX specifically, you may find help through Allergan's BOTOX Reimbursement Hotline. You can reach the hotline, toll-free in the U.S., by calling (800) 530-6680 or faxing (877) 530-6680. You may also send an e-mail to .  

Finally, you may want to consider participating in a clinical trial. Patients enrolled in clinical trials often receive treatments free of charge. To learn more about these types of medical research studies, how they work, and to see a list of studies currently recruiting patients click here

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