Causes of Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Secondary hyperhidrosis is hyperhidrosis that is not a primary, idiopathic condition unto itself but is, instead, caused by another underlying condition and/or as a side effect of a medication or procedure.

There are a variety of types of secondary hyperhidrosis.

  • Secondary hyperhidrosis can be categorized by area of involvement — local versus generalized.
  • There are some rare dermatologic syndromes known to cause localized hyperhidrosis.
  • The association of social anxiety disorder and other psychiatric conditions with hyperhidrosis continues to be studied. 

More detailed information about the presentation of secondary hyperhidrosis and its potential causes is available on the following pages:

  1. Focal Secondary Hyperhidrosis
  2. Generalized Secondary Hyperhidrosis
  3. Hyperhidrosis and Psychiatric Illness
  4. Rare Forms of Hyperhidrosis
  5. Diseases and Conditions that Can Cause Hyperhidrosis
  6. Drugs/Medications Known to Cause Hyperhidrosis

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