How Corporations Can Help

Millions of excessive sweating sufferers, clinicians, educators, regulators, policymakers, researchers, and innovators rely on the International Hyperhidrosis Society to bring disparate entities to the same table, for a common goal -- to help improve the lives of excessive sweating sufferers in every corner of the world. Unfortunately, we know that the majority of hyperhidrosis sufferers still do not seek care, and among those that do reach out, many will have waited 10 years before doing so. Thanks to the unrestricted educational and research grants we receive from sponsors and donors, the International Hyperhidrosis Society disseminates the latest research, treatment, and advocacy information available related to hyperhidrosis to the sufferers, caregivers, healthcare providers, and innovators who need it -- bringing all these groups together because we know that in collaboration we can achieve more for the good of our community. Interested in helping IHhS in this mission? Here's how organizations can get involved:

  • Corporate Membership

    The International Hyperhidrosis Society's corporate membership program offers companies the opportunity to meaningfully support the most-respected patient advocacy organization in the hyperhidrosis sphere. The organizations that join our corporate membership program recognize that balanced and evidence-based information raises the bar and that patient-centered hyperhidrosis care is a worthy target. They value the fact that the meaning behind their work can be furthered by the IHhS initiatives to improve awareness of hyperhidrosis, its impacts, and best practices across the full range of hyperhidrosis manifestations. 

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  • Education Program Sponsorship

    International Hyperhidrosis Society hosts a series of health education events and community activities for individuals with hyperhidrosis and their loved ones. Additionally, we run a series of medical education programs and events for physicians and allied health professionals. From podcasts to CME, IHhS can deliver evidence-based curated content to the community in a dynamic manner.

    Education sponsorship offers numerous opportunities for organizations to support IHhS instructive efforts that, in turn, help people coping with hyperhidrosis and the clinicians dedicated to their care. Often these didactic programs are informative for sponsors, as well, and provide opportunities for meaningful engagement that might not otherwise be possible. 

    Learn more about education program sponsorship with IHhS.

  • Digital Messaging

    The International Hyperhidrosis Society is the authority on information and research related to hyperhidrosis. When you place your messages alongside International Hyperhidrosis Society content, you can be seen by hundreds of thousands of individuals coping with hyperhidrosis and the clinicians providing them with care. We offer affordable digital messaging opportunities in our news Blog and on our website,

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  • Clinical Trial Services  Learn more

    As a major catalyst in hyperhidrosis disease research, the International Hyperhidrosis Society is dedicated to promoting patient and clinician involvement in research studies and clinical trials. To this end, the IHhS offers a full range of clinical trial support services. From initial protocol development and review to recruitment strategy, creative, and campaign execution, to our Call Center pre-screening, IHhS is available to provide insightful key insights that facilitate a successful, reliable study. IHhS's community outreach is precise, efficient, and valuable to any hyperhidrosis research and clinical development plan.

    Inquire about clinical trial recruitment services

  • Market Research

    Understanding the patient perspective and real-life experience is critical to any meaningful outreach strategy or innovation development. To help you understand the needs of people with hyperhidrosis, IHhS can offer patient and clinician leaders to serve on advisory boards, speak at industry meetings and participate in market research activities such as focus groups and surveys.

    Learn more about market research with the IHhS.

  • International Hyperhidrosis Society Seal of Recognition

    In a recent IHhS survey, a vast percentage of respondents said they purchased a product, would purchase a product, or feel positive about a product that was affiliated with the International Hyperhidrosis Society. The International Hyperhidrosis Society Seal of Recognition program provides manufacturers the opportunity to have their over-the-counter products reviewed by our panel of medical professionals. Qualified products may carry the Seal of Recognition on packaging and marketing materials.

    Learn more about the program and the products that carry the Seal of Recognition.

  • Content Partnerships

    Readers look to the International Hyperhidrosis Society for authoritative, balanced content on disease management, research, lifestyle, health education, and other topics related to hyperhidrosis. Helping more people to find this reliable, evidence-based information is a key part of IHhS' mission. With that in mind, we are happy to partner with other organizations who wish to provide or utilize our carefully researched articles, webpages, etc. as part of their own educational efforts. Ask about IHhS' original, medically-reviewed content for use in consumer publications, marketing materials, and websites.

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  • Custom Co-Branded Campaigns

    The International Hyperhidrosis Society works with industry to create custom, co-branded campaigns that raise awareness about critical issues affecting the lives of people with hyperhidrosis.

    Inquire about custom campaigns.  

  • What’s that you say?

    Do you have a brilliant idea that would help the hyperhidrosis community? Let us know! IHhS welcomes creative and innovative partnership ideas to serve our community and raise awareness about the seriousness of hyperhidrosis. Let’s put our heads and hearts together and make hyperhidrosis suffering a thing of the past

The International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHhS) sets the standard for balanced, evidence-based content and community engagement in the hyperhidrosis global forum. To continue to be able to pursue these informational and advocacy efforts, the IHhS relies on a variety of revenue streams, including unrestricted educational and research grants from corporations and other entities. 

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