lisapierettiLisa J. Pieretti, MBA
Executive Director and Founding Member

Lisa J. Pieretti is Executive Director of the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHhS) and one of its co-founders. With a background in business and economics, a foundation in design and marketing, and a passion for ethical, mutually beneficial collaborations, Lisa’s life's work has been developing programs, innovations and relationships for the greater good. As IHhS Executive Director, Lisa oversees all IHhS activities including developing and leading programs to raise awareness of hyperhidrosis (Hh)-related issues among: patients, healthcare professionals, biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device organizations, educators, employers, regulators, and the public. Lisa also leads IHhS’ efforts to promote and implement research imperatives, advocate for access to safe and effective treatments, educate medical professionals, and foster an impactful grassroots community. Throughout, she stays true to a core belief that patients, the medical profession, and industry leaders can partner to exact positive change that benefits all involved. And while she wears many hats, her patient advocacy hat is the one she feels the most honored to put on.

Under Lisa’s management, the IHhS has garnered worldwide media attention, resulting in increased awareness of the devastating effects of Hh and also increased awareness of the innovative solutions available to help the 365 million Hh sufferers worldwide. Indeed, through the IHhS website (you're on it right now!), Lisa has created an online global support community that attracts more than 2 million visitors annually and provides over 900 pages of original content. More than 50,000 people receive the IHhS News Blog and more than 1,200 physicians are registered with the IHhS’ Clinician Finder

When asked about what makes her proud, she says, “I’m so delighted with the entire IHhS team, their dedication, and how long they’ve been working with me in this. I’d have to also say that some of the happiest hours of my life were during our Patient-Focused Drug Development meeting on hyperhidrosis. Bringing our community together like that… it was deeply meaningful. For the future, one of my top priorities is to help remove the stigma of excessive sweating and Hh. I truly believe that while there is stigma, meaningful progress can’t be made. When we overcome stigma, we can accelerate Hh healing.”

Prior to becoming the Executive Director of IHhS, Lisa was the Director of Account Management at Medical Broadcasting Company (now part of Digitas Health), where she designed, developed, and executed integrated multi-channel strategic marketing programs for billion-dollar pharmaceutical brands. She has also worked with SCIREX Corporation (a leader in CNS clinical research) and Merck & Co. Lisa attended Drexel University in Philadelphia where she received her Bachelor of Design degree. Later, she went on to receive a Master's in International Economics and an MBA in Marketing from Drexel University. 

In November of 2003, the International Hyperhidrosis Society announced Lisa’s appointment as the organization’s first Executive Director. Lisa lives in Pennsylvania and in her free time loves to practice dressage with her horse, hike in the woods, garden and entertain. 

Angela Ballard, RN, EMT
Communications Director, Educator & Advocate

Angela Ballard has been working with the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHhS) since it's inception in 2003. As a registered nurse (RN) and emergency medical technician (EMT), Angela brings a passion for high-quality, accessible health information to every sentence she writes. Indeed, she values clear, actionable communications in all avenues of life. From and the IHhS blog to brochures and medical journal articles, Angela's writing and editing is an important piece of the educational and empowerment mission of the International Hyperhidrosis Society. Her goal? To provide information that helps hyperhidrosis (Hh) sufferers lead fuller, richer lives. "Hands down," says Angela, "My proudest moment as part of IHhS was moderating the Patient-Focused Drug Development meeting in 2017. The level of compassion, understanding, and connection in the room was electric. The insights shared at that meeting will be instrumental in building a better future for Hh sufferers and I am so grateful to be part of this work."

Angela received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Haverford College, in Haverford, PA, and completed both her RN and EMT training at the College of Marin in Kentfield, CA.

In addition to her hyperhidrosis and other health and wellness-related writing, Angela plies her pen about outdoor life. Specifically, she enjoys writing about the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) and is co-author of an award-winning hiking adventure book called A Blistered Kind of Love (Mountaineers Books, Seattle, WA).

Angela lives in northern California with her husband, two children, a black cat, and a white dog. She spends her free time hiking, trail running, playing on the beach, traveling, and reading. She is an active volunteer for Guide Dogs for the Blind and is a California-licensed foster parent.

christineChristine Fleckenstein
Community Support & Operations

Christine Fleckenstein began working for the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHhS) in August of 2006. “What I enjoy most about working at IHhS,” she says, “is communicating with patients and providing guidance or information they might find helpful. I love being able to connect people with superstar practitioners or telling them about clinical studies or volunteer opportunities. There is such camaraderie within the community. Everyone is so willing to help one another. It drives me to do the best job I can do.  It really is a good feeling knowing you are helping someone."

One of Christine’s goals as an IHhS staff member is to help facilitate increased clinician education about hyperhidrosis so that more patients can be assured interactions with healthcare providers who understand the significance of hyperhidrosis and how to most effectively treat it with currently available options. Christine would also love to see novel treatments that better address all the different possible focal areas of hyperhidrosis as well as secondary generalized and compensatory sweating.

Christine received her Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies from the Community College of Philadelphia, and prior to joining the IHhS team she worked in the legal field. When not at IHhS, she works at an accounting firm. Christine lives in Philadelphia where she loves to read, dance, cook, and spend time outdoors with her husband and three sons. Her first job was filing medical records for a dental practice, which is funny because she admits to having a sweet tooth especially for sugary coffee drinks.

1a5da3cAlbert Ganss, BFA
Creative Director

Albert Ganss has been with the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHhS) since its birth in 2003. "It's been so exciting to help this influential charity grow," he says, "We've come so far and I'm proud to be part of the journey. The future is bringing more progress and I can't wait to help us get there."

From the website design and illustrations, to our educational brochures, continuing medical education materials, logos, and letterhead; Albert works tirelessly to ensure beautiful and user-friendly consistency in everything IHhS produces. Indeed, he puts his art and soul into the design of each element. An expert in the ever-evolving digital field, Albert also provides strategic leadership, backend programming, and customized, responsive solutions to keep this dynamic global community growing and interacting.

Albert has been an art director and designer for agencies in Philadelphia, Charleston and New York and works with individual businesses throughout the U.S. He's also Creative Director for a major medical strategy company with clients that include Novo Nordisc, Pfizer, and Sanofi. Albert studied design, illustration, painting, and sculpture at the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts). You can learn more about his work from his website When he's not creating beauty for IHhS or other organizations, Albert's hobbies include fly fishing, boating, foraging for mushrooms, painting, and working on his home. Thank you, Albert, for keeping our look fresh and meaningful!  


Dawn-CerroneCourtney Reichenbach, RN, BSN
Hyperhidrosis Advocate, Case Manager

Courtney Reichenbach, RN works with the IHhS to make sure that information on is current, practical and actionable for hyperhidrosis sufferers. Access to patient-focused care is very important to Courtney and, as a registered nurse, she wants sufferers of all ages to know that they are NOT alone and to encourage them NOT to lose hope. Courtney is especially eager to help children and teens with hyperhidrosis find support sooner. “They shouldn't have to spend years suffering unnecessarily,” she says. 

Courtney received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, NC. After graduating from nursing school, Courtney worked in the operating room setting for many years. Later, she turned to case management and focused on pairing uninsured and underinsured patients with primary care providers and improving access to specialized care. In a similar vein she wants uninsured hyperhidrosis patients to know there are options for them, too. Courtney currently works in public schools and was inspired to reach out to IHhS when she saw a poster for our "Know Sweat in School" campaign in a middle school clinic. “It’s important for pediatricians and school nurses to be well-educated about hyperhidrosis and potential treatment options for their young patients," she says, "and this is something IHhS can play a big role in. I'm excited to be a part of it.”

Courtney currently resides in Virginia with her husband, daughter, and two rescue dogs. In her spare time, she plays an active role in the animal welfare community. She is also a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and has a passion for health and fitness.

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