4 Things You Gotta Know 

After a dozen years of no new medical treatments for hyperhidrosis, several new products are under development.  At the recent American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting Dr. David Pariser (co-founder of the International Hyperhidrosis Society and former president of the AAD) presented data from early studies of two new topical (applied on top of the skin) medications that could become valuable new treatment options for people plagued by excessive sweating.

Is hyperhidrosis-related research and development at a tipping point? Certainly the prospect of new, effective, non-invasive, potentially flexible treatment options is something we've been waiting for.

1. Anticholinergic + Topical = Big News!

The new treatments in development to lessen sweating are NOT like antiperspirants from the supermarket or even from your doctor. They use a kind of medication called an anticholinergic delivered through the skin – right where it’s needed. One product is being developed by Brickell Biotech in Florida and Kaken Pharmaceuticals in Japan, another by Dermira in California.

Typically, anticholinergics are taken by mouth but in that oral form can lead to treatment-limiting, troublesome side effects. By applying anticholinergics to the skin, instead, researchers believe side effects should be less likely and less severe and that treatment will be more convenient because it's noninvasive. 

2. Dr. Pariser Has Your Back!

Study results regarding these new treatments were presented (one even as special late-breaking news!) at the American Academy of Dermatology’s recent Annual Meeting by Dr. David Pariser, who is an expert on hyperhidrosis and founding board member of the International Hyperhidrosis Society. Dr. Pariser works tirelessly to meet the needs of hyperhidrosis sufferers and he calls the new treatment options “extremely encouraging with the potential to enter the treatment armamentarium providing relief to a segment of the population plagued by excessive sweating."

Dr. Pariser often says that hyperhidrosis patients are some of his most rewarding patients to work with because he can deliver effective treatment to make a meaningful impact on their lives. 

3. YOU Made This Possible

International Hyperhidrosis Society community (subscribers, web visitors, advocates) were the primary participants in Brickell's underarm studies and the International Hyperhidrosis Society was instrumental in the recruitment for Brickell's underarm trials. Brickell Biotech is a generous IHHS supporter and we look forward to continuing our work with them. Like right now (cue #4). Advocating for and facilitating research is a major part of what we do! 

4. Patients With Palmar (Hand) Sweating Involved

Based on previous encouraging results in underarm sweating, Brickell researchers recruited palmar hypehidrosis (hand sweating) patients, too. 

Patricia Walker, M.D., Phd, President and Chief Scientific Officer at Brickell says,

“The possibility of a new treatment alternative for hyperhidrosis – one that is topical, well-tolerated, effective and non-invasive – is truly exciting and would address the current unmet need for patients and physicians.”

Stay tuned for more information about research opportunities YOU can get involved in as well as updated information on these treatments and other hyperhidrosis topics. Together, we are  #Hope4Hyperhidrosis.

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