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No Slip-Ups with Iontophoresis

All four major U.S. sports are in play this week with baseball (MLB) having just wrapped up its World Series, football (NFL) in the thick of its regular season, and both ice hockey (NHL) and basketball (NBA) broadcasting their opening games.

From fast pitches to perfect layups, and from smooth spiral passes to rocketing slap shots, each of these sports has something important in common. They demand a sure grip and precise release, things that are hard to achieve if you’ve got sweaty palms or palmar hyperhidrosis.

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Hyperhidrosis Has Its Day! NOW!

In late 2014 the esteemed medical journal Dermatologic Clinics dedicated an entire issue to excessive sweating including its impact on quality of life, best-practice treatment, and much more.

International Hyperhidrosis Society board members, founders, faculty, and our Executive Director helped pen the 14 peer-reviewed articles that comprise the issue.

Physician Assistants, we’ve got journal news especially for you, too. Earn CME in hyperhidrosis in the current issue of the Journal of Dermatology for Physicians Assistants.

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