School Nurses and Hyperhidrosis Early-Intervention, Making a Difference for Kids

 Based on recent research, approximately:

2.5 million or 17% of all high school students experience excessive sweating

1 million or 2.1% of ALL U.S. youngsters UNDER 18 years experience excessive sweating.

Think about it.

From kindergartners to high schoolers, millions of students are struggling with sweating that can drench clothing, ruin graded papers, damage technology tools, promote hiding/isolation behaviors, degrade self-esteem, and prompt bullying.

Who can help?

School nurses and the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHHS).

This National School Nurse Day, and every day, we want to thank the more than 73,000 school nurses in our nation who are healthcare’s “boots on the ground”—interacting daily with students, their families, their teachers, and beyond to help to manage chronic conditions, like hyperhidrosis, for improved learning.

According to Dr. David Pariser (recent winner of the American Academy of Dermatology's highest honor and co-founder of IHHS) hyperhidrosis is the #1 dermatological disease in terms of negatively affecting a person's quality of life but is also #1 in having the most dramatically positive impact when treated. 

“When hyperhidrosis is caught early,” says Dr. Pariser, “the life of a young person can be literally changed."

Which is where school nurses come in. Because school nurses are often the only healthcare professionals children see on a regular basis, they can have a huge effect by:

  • Identifying possible hyperhidrosis in children
  • Directing parents and students towards appropriate diagnosis and treatment and
  • Guiding teachers and administrators towards simple, sweat-management classroom modifications.

The International Hyperhidrosis Society helps by providing school nurses with reliable, practical information about hyperhidrosis, it's ramifications in school and out, current treatment options, and quick links to the latest hyperhidrosis research published in medical journals.

Tell your school nurses about all the useful information available on and, while you’re at it, make sure they know how appreciated they are! 

Summer break may be coming, but children with hyperhidrosis struggle all year and it’s always the right time to help.

Want to do more? The International Hyperhidrosis Society is looking for support to distribute Know Sweat in School kits to school nurses nationwide. This is an award-winning program that we did years ago thanks to the support from Secret Clinical Strength. Contact Us if you, your company, or your family wants to help raise hyperhidrosis awareness, and help struggling children. There is so much to gain.

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