In Search of a Good Night’s Rest: Battling Excessive Sweating at Night


Excessive sweating at night is a widely experienced condition; it can be caused by a variety of medical conditions besides hyperhidrosis, including menopause/peri-menopause, pregnancy or hormone disorders, infections, low blood sugar, neurological disorders, cancer and more.  Medications can also cause night sweats, including antidepressants and other psychiatric medications, hormone therapy…even aspirin and acetaminophen.  If you experience a change in your sweat pattern, it’s important to talk to your doctor about your condition, especially if your sweating is accompanied by fever or other symptoms, such as unexplained weight loss.   Excessive sweating while sleeping usually has an underlying medical cause, so it’s important to get a full medical evaluation.

Excessive sweating during the daytime hours has its own set of demands.  It’s not unusual for people with hyperhidrosis to carry an extra set (or two…or three) of clothing, or to dress in layers and in dark, camouflaging colors… but excessive sweating at nighttime has a different set of demands.  Comfort is crucial at night and sleepwear and bed clothes that provide superior wicking qualities are the only way to go.

Fortunately, today, there are some great products on the market that use high-tech materials that offer first-rate comfort and relief for people who have night sweats.  To manage the soaking discomfort and disruption, you need look no further than our Deals and Discounts where you’ll find (along with other great retailers) two of the best companies in the business of keeping you comfortable while you sleep: Cool-jams Wicking Sleepwear and Wicked Sheets.  Each company offers a wide variety of sleep products—from pajamas and night gowns to sheets, blankets and pillowcases— made from specially designed high-quality fabrics that will keep you cool, comfortable and dry all night.  Plus, International Hyperhidrosis Society community members receive great deals and discounts on their purchases. Just be sure to use the codes to get 10% off!

Cool-jams inventor and owner Anita Mahaffey has been a sleepwear-products designer for many of the largest US retailers and catalogs. While making a routine design visit to her factory in 2005, she discovered a new micro-fiber fabric.  "As soon as I felt this new fabric, I knew I had a winner. The hand-feel was incredible…very silky, soft and lightweight ….Part of my motivation was to develop a pajama to provide relief for my own menopausal-related night sweats, a problem I knew thousands of women could relate to."

Cool-jams Wicking Sleepwear has a huge variety of products for all shapes and sizes.  Mahaffey says best sellers are the sleeveless nightgowns, night shirts and new wicking separates. She adds, "We are growing internationally, doing more wholesale business and expanding  our bedding collection. Since 2007, Cool-jams has become the largest and quickest-growing wicking sleepwear company in the US."

Alli Truttmann, president and founder of Wicked Sheets says that she started her company in the spring of 2008 after a family discussion about their mutual suffering from hyperhidrosis and night sweats.  "My cousin was pregnant at the time and her night sweats were in full effect.   While we were discussing our 'coping mechanisms' for getting through sweaty nights, I looked at her husband's golf shirt and jokingly suggested that we cut up a bunch of them and have our grandmother sew them into bed sheets.  After everyone had a good laugh out of it, I spent the next six months developing the idea until our product was born."

Wicked Sheets and blankets are designed specifically to wick away moisture from the body while you're sleeping, keeping both you and your bed cool and dry. Wicked Sheets are comfortable, breathable, and silky to the touch. They come in all sizes and many colors. They’re also hand sewn and made in the USA.  Truttmann adds, "All types of sleepers love them!"

The success of these two entrepreneurs is a testament to both the quality of their products and the size of the population who experiences nighttime excessive sweating.  If there was any doubt about either of these facts, Truttmann’s concluding remarks take it all away: "We are always dreaming up new product ideas…and I am so proud of our newest product addition for sweaty little ones: Wicked Sheets for Cribs. There are lots of sweaty babies out there!"

In the months ahead, keep an eye out for our user reviews of the sleep items mentioned in this article, including more news about pediatric hyperhidrosis and those Wicked Crib Sheets!  Sleep tight!

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