This Father’s Day, you can give Dad the gift of confidence. Thompson Tee undershirts safely block excessive underarm sweat so the Dad(s) in your life can look calm, cool and collected no matter the circumstance. The shirts are stylish enough to wear alone as well as supremely functional in preventing sweat stains and wet patches under the arms. 

Billy Thompson and his business partner Randy Choi both personally suffer from excessive sweating so designing a lightweight, comfortable, sweat-barrier t-shirt became a passion project for them. Billy has axillary hyperhidrosis (underarm excessive sweating) and Randy suffers from compensatory sweating due to ETS surgery.

“People deal with this in silence,” says Billy Thompson, Thompson Tee president. “Excessive sweating became an issue for me in 7th grade, one day I clearly remember, I was wearing a light blue shirt and it really showed my sweat. I battled with it all day and from that day forward, I always wore an undershirt, never wore tight fitting shirts, and avoided certain colors  -- I built my wardrobe around my problem. In high school, I was always looking for the next antiperspirant, I ruined a lot of shirts, and could never wear the shirts my girlfriends gave me as presents. I was so self conscious. I didn’t want people to know.”

Tired of staining and sweating through shirts and undershirts (and being embarrassed as a result) Thompson and Choi were determined to create a garment with a breathable yet impenetrable barrier to armpit sweat. Thompson Tee’s use proprietary “Hydro-Shield” technology as well as odor-fighting and hypoallergenic materials. The result is a shirt with an ultrathin, clinical-grade barrier that prevents underarm sweat from passing through the shirt while still allowing body heat and moisture to escape as vapor. But for some, the benefits don’t stop at the sweat barrier, says Billy Thompson. “A good portion of our customers,” he remarks, “have cited that they feel as though their sweating has decreased because they no longer worry about it. I personally have experienced the same thing.”

Thompson Tee’s have been featured on the hit TV show “

directly. Brian lives in Florida and says he tried other “moisture-shield” t-shirts to battle his underarm sweat but “It felt like I was wearing a plastic bag underneath.” During a presentation for his job, Brian's sweat drenched his shirt from his underarms to his waist and he was “embarrassed” and “depressed” afterwards. Then he found Thompson Tee.  “I consider Billy [Thompson] a hero,” says Mike, “The Thompson Tee shirt basically saved my life. It gave me confidence to know that I did not have to run to the bathroom to wipe my armpits. It’s light and allows me to  move freely during the hot summer Florida heat. I have had these shirts for over a year and I am still wearing them. The shirts are intact and there has been no loss in effectiveness. The confidence Billy [Thompson] has restored to me is priceless.”

Whether you (or your Dad) sweat excessively everyday, want to protect expensive shirts from stains, or want to be sure you look and feel your best on special occasions, check out Thompson Tee. International Hyperhidrosis Society readers receive a 10% discount. Just use the coupon code IHS2013 at checkout. All orders over $99 (after discount) receive free shipping. And, as of June 1st you can help support Thompson Tee’s efforts to remain affordable, environmentally friendly, and made-in-the-USA through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is an alternative financing option that allows people around the world to support companies they believe in and help those companies succeed. “In our case,” says Billy Thompson,  “because we're committed to our economy (made in the USA) and the ethical treatment of garment workers, we've turned down investment offers requiring us to move manufacturing overseas. So, we're turning to the public for much needed growth capital so we can keep production here in the States and expand our product offerings. In light of the recent Bangladeshi tragedy, we believe the general public will support basic human rights if provided with a convenient way to do so for something they want or need.  Everyone could use an extra t-shirt [Thompson sells high quality shirts with- and without- armpit protection] and in turn, purchasers can support a company that believes in the ethical treatment of humans and domestic manufacturing.”

Check out the Thompson Tee crowdfunding project, including a 3-minute video. “Every Thompson Tee purchased,” adds Thompson, “fuels our mission of providing a safe and affordable solution to those with excessive underarm sweating, while committed to our economy and the ethical treatment of garment workers.”

We hope you’ll join this crowd! Remember to check out the crowdfunding information and to get your discount on a Thompson Tee or two--one for Dad, one for you!

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