Trump’s Obsession with Sweat is No Joke: Genetic Sweat Condition Devastating to Children and Young Adults. Jokes Promote Bullying Says International Hyperhidrosis Society

March 1, 2016, Charleston, South Carolina — The International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHHS) has a message for Donald Trump: Stop making sweat jokes and recognize that hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is a serious, often genetic medical condition that exacts an undo toll on young people. Anyone who agrees can sign the IHHS petition on asking Trump to help – not hurt – hyperhidrosis patients.


- At least 3% of the population or 9.5 million Americans suffer from hyperhidrosis. - Hyperhidrosis is chronic, usually hereditary condition that often beings in childhood (at adolescence or earlier).

- People with hyperhidrosis sweat 5 times what’s normal or necessary, regardless of the weather or other conditions.

- Hyperhidrosis leads to: stigma, shame, fear of bullying, isolation, depression, and significant educational, relational, and occupational obstacles.

Real stories:

- A girl gave up her championship-level tennis career because she couldn’t grip her racket anymore. A straight-A student, she also struggled to finish her SATs in the time limit because she had to dry her hands often. The College Board would not grant her extended time. Her scores, and dreams, suffered.

- A boy quit singing and acting. His sweat was too obvious from the stage. No one wanted to hold his hand during the final bows anyway.

- Last prom season, countless teens stayed home. They couldn’t bear sweating through their formalwear.

The IHHS is NOT diagnosing anyone with hyperhidrosis but wants Trump to understand that for young people who suffer from this disease, life is hard. Uninformed comments in the media give others the license to bully youngsters who are “different.”

Dr. David Pariser, former President of the American Academy of Dermatology, and an IHHS Board Members says: “For the bravery and determination with which they face their day-to-day struggles, hyperhidrosis patients deserve respect. I hope we can raise awareness about hyperhidrosis. I especially hope that young people can finally step out from behind stigma and shame to get help – so they can grow to be the great Americans they were destined to be.”

Shouldn’t Trump use his power and celebrity for the good of children? Sign and spread the petition and tell the world that hyperhidrosis is a serious medical condition.

Dr. David Pariser, Dr. Dee Anna Glaser, and other dermatology and pediatric dermatology experts are available for comment.

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