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As we head into 2023, hyperhidrosis awareness and education among healthcare providers is better than ever and now’s the time to use our Clinician Finder to locate the best excessive sweating care you can and to use the exclusive coupon codes we’ve got for you (keep reading) so you can handle whatever comes your way next year! 

In November, as the keynote of Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month, the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHhS) held its 34th educational event: the Hyperhidrosis Master Class in Patient Care and Practice Efficiency. 

Hosted by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and taught by leading physicians and researchers, our Master Class focused on best practices in hyperhidrosis care, the latest science, and what the future holds. Hands-on treatment training was provided and eligible attendees earned CME and special “IHhS Educated” designation in the IHhS Clinician Finder database (search it now!) 

Thank you to the sponsors of the Master Class and Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month:  Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals, LLC, miraDry, Inc, Candesant Biomedical, and TheraVida, Inc. Thanks, also, to Pariser Dermatology for contributing staff time, expertise, materials and medications to the Master Class.

Host Lara Wine Lee, MD, PhD (MUSC) says, “We were beyond happy and honored to offer this one-of-a-kind educational event. No where else could we receive such a well-rounded, evidence-based, practical and engaging learning experience. This will change our practice in medicine for our pediatricians, dermatologists, and all who attended. We estimate there are 240,000 hyperhidrosis sufferers in South Carolina alone. Now, they can get best-in-class care.”

Medical specialties represented by attendees from ten different states and Canada included -

  • Dermatology
  • Family medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Neurology
  • Pediatrics

The impacts of the Master Class are already being felt with IHhS recently applying to the Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance (PeDRA) for a grant, thanks to the encouragement of pediatric dermatologist attendees. “Pediatricians and pediatric dermatologists at our Master Class told us, loud and clear, about the impacts of hyperhidrosis on their patients and that they want specific guidelines on how to best provide them with care,” says Lisa J. Pieretti, IHhS Executive Director. “So, in record time, we applied for a grant from PeDRA to develop consensus guidelines.” If you want to help with this important project, please donate today. Thank you for supporting our organization, so we can continue to support you! For a glimpse into the type of work PeDRA does, watch this video with the Cerrone family discussing their journey with excessive sweating. 

Here’s some of what attendees had to say about their Master Class experience:

“I’m early in my career trajectory, but it’s great knowing more about hyperhidrosis. Awareness is a big step in being able to treat my patients.”

“I definitely have recommended this course to other physicians I closely work with. I am also implementing the hyperhidrosis practices into my private practice.”

“This program is the best way to educate yourself on hyperhidrosis, whether you are a current or future healthcare provider, a patient, or an industry supporter.”

“The IHhS class was two full days of SWEAT! Learning about the daily adversities and, most importantly, the solutions to hyperhidrosis. Being able to learn in even more depth about the hyperhidrosis community and how big of a life impact it can have on patients, is why we do what we do.”

Looking for a hyperhidrosis-aware and empathetic care provider? Jump to our Clinician Finder now!

Huge thank you to…


  • Dee Anna Glaser, MD (Saint Louis University School of Medicine) 
  • David M. Pariser, MD (Eastern Virginia Medical School)
  • Lara Wine Lee, MD, PhD (MUSC) 
  • Jane Scribner, MD (MUSC)


miraDry, Inc

Candesant Biomedical

Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals, LLC

In-Kind Donors: 

Hidrex USA

RA Fischer Co

Sample and coupon providers:


Thompson Tee

Gratitude to our amplifying Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month sister organizations:

Alliance for Patient Access 

American Podiatric Medical Association 

Athens Vein & Thoracic Specialists

Atlanta West Dermatology & Surgery Center 

Canadian Dermatology Association 

Coalition of Skin Diseases 

Derma Care Access Network

The Dermatology Digest

Dermatology Nurses’ Association 


GW Department of Dermatology

International League of Dermatological Societies 

Lackawanna Valley Dermatology


National Association of School Nurses 

North Queensland Sweat Clinic

NP/PA Engage

Pariser Dermatology

Patient Worthy (Pt. 1 interview and Pt. 2 interview)

Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance  

Society for Adolescent Health & Medicine 

Society for Pediatric Dermatology 

Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants 

Strella Aesthetics

Toronto Sweat Clinic

Weaver Clinics

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