Hham quiz1NOvember is KnowSweat2021 Month

Hyperhidrosis (Hh) affects more than 365 million people worldwide, causing them (us!) to sweat four or five times more than what’s considered “normal,” “natural,” or necessary as a reaction to temperature, exertion, or stress. 

The impacts of this volume of (uncontrollable and unpredictable!) sweating range from:

  • Feelings of intense discomfort due to wet clothing, dripping perspiration, slippery skin, and chilling dampness, to...
  • Stigma, embarrassment, and significantly increased risks of depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder.

So, given all the well-documented physical, functional, social, and emotional consequences of Hh, why isn’t it given much attention or resources? Especially considering that Hh is more common than melanoma, psoriasis, and peanut allergies? And why are there so many myths and misunderstandings about it?

Together, this month, let's break down these serious barriers, and lift hyperhidrosis out of hiding.

For the 30 days of November, let's all share powerful facts about hyperhidrosis and the International Hyperhidrosis Society through your social media accounts, emails, and interactions with friends, family, healthcare providers, and others. Tagging #KnowSweat2021 is key for us to amplify each other's efforts.

We will give you everything you need. Take and share the 3 interactive quizzes covering key facts about sweat, Hh, treatments, and more that we’re going to pop online on Mondays. Show your smarts, score some prizes, learn useful new things, and pass them on!  The first person with a perfect score in each of the 3 quizzes will be awarded some serious sweat-busting swag from these kind innovators who have donated gift cards or codes for their Fan Fave products:  Carpe, Hidrex USA, Klima Health Solutions, Summer Soles, SweatBlock, Thompson Tee and ZeroSweat. 

November 1st: Quiz #1 is open!  Test your knowledge of hyperhidrosis + sweat.

Just tap here and be sure to forward the quiz to all your friends and colleagues, too. Make sure you subscribe to our blog so you get the first alert of our quizzes, live events, polls, and breaking news. Every action makes you a better #KnowSweat ambassador.

Save the date: 

  • November 18th: The International Hyperhidrosis Society is hosting a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) about miraDry! More information and a registration announcement to come.

And throughout November be sure to frequently check our website www.SweatHelp.org, and our social media for more chances to participate:

We heartfully thank YOU, our 2021 individual donors, miraDry, Inc, Brickell Biotech, Inc, ZeroSweat, and these sister organizations who are lifting the global #HyperhidrosisAwarenessMonth.  #KnowSweat2021 @SweatingStopsHere

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