Good2 Hyperhidrosis Companies Respond to a World in Need

It’s undeniable, there is a lot going on right now. This is not your “normal” September or “back-to-school” season. Between COVID-19, heat waves, storms, fires, protests, economic upheaval, and the upcoming US presidential election, there is a lot to process and attempt to manage—all while trying to stay healthy, pay the bills, educate the kids, and maintain emotional stability.

That's why we're checking in on you.  What's one thing that can help?  Finding the good news. According to scientists at the University of Southampton, while consuming bad news can cause anxiety and an overall bad mood, good news, on the other hand, may help motivate people to make positive impacts on the world. This is not to say that we should stick our heads in the sand and ignore the world’s problems. Instead, aim for balance.  Recognizing the challenges and learning how others are taking action may, hopefully, inspire you to dig deeper, too.

In this vein, we asked the IHhS Network of Support how they are making a difference within and beyond our hyperhidrosis community.  From food banks and animal rescues, to caring for frontline healthcare workers—the hyperhidrosis community is stepping up and paying it forward. In alphabetical order, here's who shared their altruistic actions with us. 

Candesant Biomedical 

Candesant Biomedical, a company developing devices and products to treat excessive sweating, continues to support New Door Ventures, a non-profit in San Francisco that helps at-risk youth earn their GEDs, prepare for employment, and secure paying jobs. New Door’s fundamental belief is that one job has the power to change everything. New Door focuses on providing job and skills training to youth in need, partnering them with local businesses to provide meaningful paid internships, and helping them build the resumes they need for a bright future. Throughout the pandemic, New Door is maintaining its support of vulnerable youth and helping to foster resilience amidst uncertainty.


Due to COVID-19, schools across the country closed for in-person learning, cutting off many children’s access to their most reliable meals. At the same time, many families face the growing challenges of food and income insecurity. To help, Carpe (makers of antiperspirants specifically for hands and feet) has teamed up with other brands to offer a percent of proceeds to No Kid Hungry. By supporting No Kid Hungry, Carpe is helping more children access free meals and snacks. There’s plenty of food in the United States, and No Kid Hungry helps get sustenance to the children that need it the most, wherever they are. If you know of a child or family in need of food assistance, you can use the Free Meal Finder to locate food banks and school meal sites—regardless of whether schools are open, or not.

Cool Human

The makers of the Cool Human portable body cooler know that the animals in our lives are more important these days than ever; providing us both company and comfort, and even helping to reduce our stress. That’s why they donated more than 850 products to the Re-Style Animal Rescue thrift store in Boise, Idaho. Proceeds from sales of donated products will help homeless animals. Cool Human is also planning to launch a line of cooling face masks soon, utilizing the latest textile technology and increasing comfort.


The moisture-wicking pajama and bedding company has recently started making cooling fabric face masks with optional filter inserts, too. And, they donated thousands of the masks to frontline workers, essential workers, and others. They plan on continuing to donate the masks until they are all out. Each month, Cool-jams also selects a different charity and donates 10% of one week’s sales to that charity. To date, they’ve contributed to organizations focused on ending domestic violence, solving hunger and working towards racial justice. Close to home, Cool-jams is committed to maintaining its workforce despite the current economic downturn. “We are committed to keeping people employed,” says Cool-jams Founder Anita Mahaffey, “and our company will continue to provide the high-quality sleep enhancing sleepwear and bedding that we have been providing since 2007.”


The makers of an iontophoresis device, Dermadry, are awarding a $2000 scholarship and a Dermadry Total kit (valued at $399) to a college or university student suffering from hyperhidrosis. Applications are in and we can’t wait to hear about the worthy recipient. This is the second year of Dermadry’s scholarship program, check back with Dermadry next summer to see if they are running this program again.


Duradry, the makers of a three-product topical system to help control excessive sweating, is focusing on providing free education and support for those suffering from hyperhidrosis. They are working on producing ten videos on topics like self esteem, self confidence, anxiety, and bullying. Coming to at the end of 2020.

Hidrex USA

Hidrex USA is working with the International Hyperhidrosis Society to provide iontophoresis devices directly to healthcare professionals and first responders who are affected by hyperhidrosis and work on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. Are you a first responder or frontline worker suffering with hyperhidrosis?  Let us know, and we may be able to work some magic in the name of appreciation.


NanoDri believes that textiles are the interface between our bodies and the world around us, and views textiles as a part of who we are.  Hyperhidrosis or otherwise, whatever the life challenge, may therefore be solved through functional textile technology. That’s why NanoDri is working with some of the largest textile companies in Japan and supporting university research to address current issues, with the coronavirus pandemic being the latest. NanoDri is helping develop new materials proven to kill microorganisms and has hopes that such materials may lower transmission and infection rates for some of the world’s deadliest viruses, such as the H1N1 influenza virus and the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus. We're pleased to learn testing of NanoDri textiles and materials on both of these pathogens is already underway.

Summer Soles and Farm House Fresh

The company behind Summer Soles (moisture-wicking and comfortable shoe insoles) and Farm House Fresh (cruelty-free, natural and organic skincare products) has donated over $80,000 in hand creams to nurses and frontline responders. The “hand cream for heroes” project is an effort to soothe and protect the hardworking hands of our nation's workforce during the pandemic, many of whom worked tirelessly in New York City helping to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis. As if that wasn't enough, Summer Soles and Farm House Fresh also continue to support Miss Jo's Rescue Ranch in Decatur, Texas, a rescue housing and nurturing abused and neglected animals.

Thompson Tee

Although Thompson Tee (makers of made-in-the-USA, sweat-blocking undershirts for men and women) has, like many others, suffered severe revenue losses during the pandemic, the company continues to make cotton masks. This has enabled the company to not only keep 100% of their employees at their normal salaries, they've also added a few new employees, too.  To date, Thompson Tee has donated over 30,000 masks to hospitals in need.  Check to see if a hospital near you has been a recipient.

Wicked Sheets

We reported on this earlier in the year, and good work bears repeating. Wicked Sheets continues to produce face masks to mitigate PPE shortages, including producing masks for the military and delivering their Wicked Masks to more than ten countries. People who have found Wicked Sheets through its masks are also now being introduced to the company’s moisture-wicking and cooling bedding products.

Special thanks, also, to Certain DriDermiraDr SweatAllerganmiraDryTherapeutics IncRA FischerBrickell BioDermavant, and Sweat Block, who support the International Hyperhidrosis Society and are striving to meet the comprehensive needs of excessive sweating sufferers.

We’re inspired and grateful for the work these great companies are doing to enact change for excessive sweating sufferers and for their communities. Do you have an altruistic and inspiring story from these past few months? We’d love to hear about it, and pass it along!  After all, we know firsthand how the hyperhidrosis community is incredibly kind, creative and generous. Keep it up friends!

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