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Our gift to YOU today is a special episode of our Know Sweat Podcasts. In it, we sit down with renowned hyperhidrosis experts and International Hyperhidrosis Society co-founders and leaders Dee Anna Glaser, MD and David M. Pariser, MD for an in-depth conversation with fellow IHhSers Lisa J. Pieretti and Marilyn Perez-Mendoza.

From the heart of IHhS’ origins and future, to why these medical scientists who could do nearly anything have chosen hyperhidrosis as their focus, you’re sure to discover something new and inspiring when you tune in. Dr. Glaser and Dr. Pariser bring bountiful energy and passion to their hyperhidrosis research, teaching and clinical care. They are known worldwide for their work and patients often travel incredible distances to find themThey are friends, colleagues and compassionate humans who you’ll want to welcome into your earbuds. If you’ve been turned away, dismissed or short-changed in your search for hyperhidrosis care, here are the consummate professionals on your side.

Join us for a discussion of hyperhidrosis' unpredictability, genetic ties, psycho-social overlay, the search for control and empowerment, and the importance of individualized treatment plans. After 15 years of generating hyperhidrosis awareness and providing healthcare professional education and training, we've made remarkable progress. There really is help out there -- and in this podcast you'll learn from the experts how to find it! 

As we keep advocating, we hope you will too. Thanks for listening

This Know Sweat Podcast episode is made possible by listeners like you. Listen today and don't miss the other Know Sweat Podcast episodes either. 

Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2019 By the Numbers

Another November behind us and we're so proud and grateful for the enthusiasm, hard work and collaboration of our community. You helped make the month a huge success. Results included:

  • 106,400 NEW visitors to SweatHelp.org coming to us from all over the world (especially USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia.)
  • 37,000 SOCIAL media impressions. 
  • 816 NEW subscribers to our alerts and blogs
  • 45 MORE healthcare providers registered in our Physician Finder
  • 3 additional Know Sweat Podcasts DEBUTED.


Huge thanks to Dermira, Inc., Dr. Sweat and miraDry, Inc., a Sientra Company, for providing grants for November's Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2019. 

Thanks also to the following awesome organizations who teamed up with the International Hyperhidrosis Society to share pivotal Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month messages: 

Thanks for making Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2019 amazing! We loved hearing from you on social media (Facebook @SweatingStopsHere, Twitter @WeKnowSweat and Instagram @WeKnowSweat). Keep it up!

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