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Share your Hh story through the StoryCorps Archive

Help honor Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month: Share your hyperhidrosis story through the StoryCorps Archive or listen in! 

Help trailblazers Gale & Katie and Elle & David end the silence and stigma by supporting hyperhidrosis stories in the StoryCorps Archive.

Research shows that for healthcare professionals, time pressures, a perceived lack of treatments, and costs often get in the way of candid hyperhidrosis conversations. But for sufferers and loved ones, it seems like it's often unawareness, hopelessness, fear, embarrassment, or past bad experiences that propagate silence.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

For Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month we're hoping you can help us to bring the excessive sweating experience way out into the open. 

If you're keen to sit back and listen. Tune in through the StoryCorps Archive (Gale & Katie and Elle & David) and through the International Hyperhidrosis Society podcasts. Like what you hear? Please share the links far and wide. 

If you're jumping at the chance to take the mic, read on...

Like Gale & Katie and Elle & David, brave, honest excessive sweating sufferers (have you seen the SELF article by one of your fellow IHhS friends?) and leading experts (check out Hyperhidrosis 101) are already telling hidden stories of excessive sweating.

Will you? We're sure you can relate to what these storytellers have shared:

  • "Sometimes I don't even like leaving my house because I sweat so much... some days it truly defeats you."  
  • "It makes me feel dirty, like I'm a freak of nature."
  • "'Lady do you know you are really sweating? I mean really sweating?' Everyone started laughing... I cried."

In broadcasting these feelings and moments, we can change the course of the hyperhidrosis journey. No one with this condition needs to feel alone or that there are no options.

  • Anyone with a hyperhidrosis story (sufferers, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, doctors, nurses, innovators, and researchers) can participate! Global entries are welcome.
  • Get started with a free account, an app, and a little courage and inspiration.
  • Record your experiences via the StoryCorps Archive and it will be housed in the Library of Congress for future generations to listen, understand and get motivated to develop more solutions.
  • Tag your story #KnowSweat2019 so the International Hyperhidrosis Society and its community can hear it and share it, too. Be sure to also include the word "hyperhidrosis" in your title and description so your story can be found easily in searches. 
  • Send us an email to let us know that you've recorded a story. We'll share the exciting news via social media, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and maybe even send you a free gift!

Two new hyperhidrosis stories have already been added to the StoryCorps Archive and the Library of Congress. You can listen to them now through StoryCorps Archive (Gale & Katie and Elle & David) and through the International Hyperhidrosis Society podcasts (each version is slightly different so enjoy them both!). 

Yup, Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month is in full swing. Don't miss a thing: find all the updates on social media (Facebook @SweatingStopsHere, Twitter @WeKnowSweat and Instagram @WeKnowSweat). 

Huge thanks to Dermira, Inc., Dr. Sweat and miraDry, Inc., a Sientra Company, for providing grants to help make Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2019 impactful. 

The Gale & Katie and Elle & David episodes of the KnowSweat podcasts were made possible by an educational grant from Certain Dri so gratitude to them, too! 

Thanks also to the following organizations for teaming up with the International Hyperhidrosis Society to share Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month messages: George Washington University School of Medicine's Department of DermatologyNational Association of School NursesInternational Alliance of Dermatology Patient OrganizationsAlliance for Patient AccessDerma Care Access NetworkSouth Beach SymposiumDermatology Nurses' AssociationSociety of Dermatology Physician AssistantsCanadian Paediatric SocietyAmerican Podiatric Medical Association, Dr. Alba Catala Gonzalo of Hospital PlatoBritish Association of DermatologistsCanadian Dermatology AssociationEuropean Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Dermatology Times, and MDedge.

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