Fact or Fear-Mongering?

What do you wish you knew about hyperhidrosis? Its treatment? The sweat glands?

If it’s been studied and published, we can help you find it. #DataNotDrama 

The Know Sweat Published Literature library on is one of our most dynamic, useful, and educational assets.

With more than 360 titles from a wide range of respected medical and scientific peer-reviewed journals, we’ve got a comprehensive and ever-growing library all about sweat, excessive sweating and related topics – and we just added 125 more!

Here are just a few of the interesting topics covered:

Whether you’d like to read everything that’s ever been published about Botox for excessive sweating, or you’d like to learn more about the long history of iontophoresis, or you’re wondering if a research question you’re interested in has already been studied, or not, the Know Sweat hyperhidrosis library is the perfect place to start.

There can sometimes be a lot of promises and “noise” out there, and having a solid grounding in scientific evidence and data can help us to sift through the chatter and make logical, fact-based choices. Of course, reading medical journals can be challenging and it takes practice. If there’s a particular study you think is useful, but can’t really decipher on your own – perhaps it’s worth sharing it with your healthcare provider? Or pointing him or her towards our Published Literature content as well?

We spend a lot of time and energy keeping our Know Sweat Published Literature library up-to-date; thanks for supporting this important work and join us in sending HUGE feelings of gratitude to Albert Ganss and Christine Fleckenstein for doing all the recent library updates! Making sure we are fact-based is a top priority and our Know Sweat Published Literature list and links are a testament to this commitment. We couldn't do it without you or without Albert and Christine!

If there’s a study we haven't included yet, give us a heads-up  and we’ll happily add it. Thankfully, scientific progress does not end. 

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