miraDry Announces Treatment Drawing, Comfort-Enhancing Protocol, and New freshEvents

Now’s the Time to Explore miraDry for Underarm Sweating

Many of the complaints we hear about current hyperhidrosis therapies are that they are temporary and require frequent re-treatment (or re-dosing) to maintain any benefits.

For underarm excessive sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis) there is, however, a lasting solution – the medical device miraDry uses thermal energy to destroy sweat glands in as little as one treatment. So what’s the latest? Three new reasons why you may want to talk to your doctor about miraDry:

  1. Greater Patient Comfort: Many medical practices that offer miraDry around the world now use a novel anesthesia technique that makes the treatment even more comfortable and much faster for patients. In research, patients reported that, with the updated process, their average in-procedure pain with miraDry was 1.8 out of 10 (with 1 being NO pain.)
  2. freshEvents: Greater comfort is now on the table, so it’s a good time for underarm excessive sweating sufferers to re-discover miraDry. Perhaps the best way to do so is to see the procedure performed live and meet people who’ve had it done. You can email or use Facebook messenger to ask about a nearby freshEvent. What’s better than seeing something with your own eyes before making a decision?
  3. Someone Will Win: A treatment drawing is happening now! Visit miraDryoffer.com to enter. The winner will be announced this summer. Open to U.S. residents.

Stay tuned for more to come with miraDry!  Watch this blog for updates in the near future and if you have a miraDry question, you can get answers directly from the company via Facebook message. 

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