Reduce Irritation & Boost Efficacy 

By Using Antiperspirants Properly

Eager to add something new to your hyperhidrosis toolkit? Some excessive sweating sufferers use antiperspirants alone, others combine topicals with additional therapies like iontophoresis, injections or oral medications. Wherever you fall, we’re excited to fill you in on a NEW non-prescription antiperspirant called Dr. Sweat, and to provide you with tips on how to apply aluminum chloride antiperspirants for reduced irritation and enhanced efficacy.

Dr. Sweat is over-the-counter, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and contains 15% aluminum chloride, the highest level of aluminum chloride available without a prescription. Each package contains a 2-month supply of Dr. Sweat's new pre-soaked antiperspirant pads designed and tested for underarm excessive sweating.

How does aluminum chloride help prevent sweating? Aluminum chloride is a strong antiperspirant active ingredient, frequently used to treat mild to moderate hyperhidrosis. When this aluminum salt combines with moisture -- like sweat -- it dissolves to form a gel barrier that sits on the skin. This barrier inhibits sweat from reaching the skin’s surface. 

In clinical studies, Dr. Sweat researchers found that one application of Dr. Sweat’s aluminum chloride antiperspirant pads reduced sweat production and odor in a hot (104° F), humid (40%) room for 7 days. 

For best results when using an aluminum chloride antiperspirant, like Dr. Sweat, we recommend the following:

1)    Apply antiperspirant to clean, completely dry underarms before bedtime. We suggest towel-drying the area or using a hair dryer on a cool setting before application as residual moisture can lead to increased skin irritation or discomfort. 

2)    Use one pre-soaked Dr. Sweat antiperspirant pad for both underarms.

3)    Hold or dab the Dr. Sweat pad firmly against the skin to be treated.

4)    During your first week of use, consider applying Dr. Sweat a total of three times. After that, apply weekly or as needed.

5)    Be patient and apply regularly. Efficacy should increase with consistent use. Some users see results after one application. Others may allow a few weeks.

Caution: do not apply aluminum chloride antiperspirants directly after shaving or on broken skin as this can lead to irritation. 

You can find Dr. Sweat only on Amazon. Right now it's only available in the U.S.A but we’re keeping an eye out and will report back when we discover Dr. Sweat is available in other countries. Here’s hoping! 

Curious about how to use Dr. Sweat in combination with your other treatments or whether you can use it on other non-underarm areas? Talk to your healthcare provider about your individualized treatment program. 

If you’ve ever considering trying a new skin product on a body area for which it has not been tested or recommended, discuss it with your physician first and test it on a small, non-visible area, watching for irritation or redness. Avoid getting any product in or around your eyes, on your lips, on other sensitive skin, or on mucous membranes. Keep in mind that sweating could cause a product to run into your eyes, etc.  




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