Artboard 1 copy 14quizThink You #KnowSweat? Test Your Knowledge of the International Hyperhidrosis Society

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Prince, iTunes, ladybugs and more...
Don't wait, take our third Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month quiz today!
In the process, you’ll also learn how many pages of content the International Hyperhidrosis Society website has (it’s a lot), how many people are part of our community (again, a lot), how old we are, and whether we offer a hyperhidrosis dating app. 


Wait, it gets better: The first person to get a perfect score on EACH quiz can earn some seriously useful prizes from companies that make sweat-managing products, and who also support the International Hyperhidrosis Society

Take #KnowSweat Quiz #3 now and check out Quizzes #1 and #2 if you haven’t already.  

Dark underarms, sweating blood, sweat-powered radios, and the next countries we’d like to visit… these are just some of the things you’ll learn about through our Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month quizzes. 

And don’t forget to register if you haven’t already: November 18th = Ask Me Anything about miraDry!

Of course, throughout November, be sure to also visit IHhS’ social media channels for more chances to participate:

  • Facebook @SweatingStopsHere

  • Twitter @WeKnowSweat, and

  • Instagram @WeKnowSweat

We thank the 2021 sponsors, individual donors, and all who are lifting the global #HyperhidrosisAwarenessMonth: our friends at miraDry, Inc, Brickell Biotech, Inc, ZeroSweat, and the amazing sister organizations noted below.

#KnowSweat  #KnowSweat2021

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