We’ve known since 2011 that the miraDry microwave medical device, used in dermatologists’ offices, can permanently destroy underarm sweat glands and stop underarm sweating. But now the makers of miraDry have announced their microwave technology is also a great way to zap away hair follicles – making underarms free of sweat, odor, and hair.

They are calling the hair-busting treatment miraSmooth but it’s essentially the same as miraDry and you can get both benefits from the same office visit.

Now FDA-approved to prevent underarm hair growth as well as sweating, miraDry/miraSmooth uses precisely targeted microwaves to heat and destroy hair follicles, sweat glands, and the glands that cause body odor (really just a different type of sweat gland). Unlike hair-removal lasers, miraDry/miraSmooth doesn’t rely on color contrast to work – so it works no matter your hair or skin color. This is good news for people with fair or gray hair and fair skin and, similarly, for those with dark hair and dark skin who may have had a hard time finding success with permanent hair removal in the past.

So, if you want dry and fuzz-free underarms, and no more stink, this could be one-stop shopping. Most people get significant reduction in underarm hair and an average of 82% sweat reduction from miraDry/miraSmooth. Thinking about this option? The International Hyperhidrosis Society and two miraDry physician experts recently recorded a webinar all about miraDry called "Ask Me Anything About miraDry." You can watch the entire 40 minute video to learn answers to the most commonly asked questions about this treatment option. There is also a lot of information about miraDry available here. There's even a locator so you can find physicians who offer this treatment in their offices -- no matter where in the world you live.

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