The Right Kind of Credit: EDU that Changes Lives

What’s a Hyperhidrosis Master Class all about?

According to our beloved Pacific Northwest advocate in medical education, Robert Sidbury, MD, Dermatology Division Chief and Associate Professor, Seattle Children's Hospital: “On behalf of my team here at Seattle Children's, the other providers who attended, but especially our patients present and future: Thank you!!! The program was uniformly well-received and as one attendee stated: ‘What CME should be, but almost always never is.’” (CME is accredited Continuing Medical Education that must adhere to stringent guidelines for being non-biased and evidence-based. Medical professionals must accumulate a certain number of credits per year. The amount varies state by state.)

Here's what he's talking about: In late July 2015 the International Hyperhidrosis Society conducted a very special Hyperhidrosis Master Class in Seattle, hosted in part by Seattle Children’s Hospital Dermatology Division, bringing together nearly 50 medical professionals and over 35 patient volunteers for 8 serious hours of intense lectures and hands-on treatment demonstrations and instruction. [Read the class reviews here] Where else can medical professionals find this in-depth, immersion-style education in hyperhidrosis? Nowhere. We are the only source of this kind of education and we've been doing it since 2004 thanks to grantsdonations, and dedicated faculty and volunteers.

In addition to the stellar review from Dr. Sidbury, here’s what other participants are saying about the program and its ability to empower healthcare providers to transform lives through effective hyperhidrosis treatment and compassionate, comprehensive care. 

“One of the best CME’s I’ve attended!”
“Don’t change this program; it is ideal as-is.”
“We thank you and our patients thank you.”
“The symposium/program for hyperhidrosis is life-changing for people who suffer from this debilitating medical condition. The amount of emotional damage is astronomical. The opportunity to offer this type of training for physicians and medical professionals is nothing short of a small miracle in the eyes of the population suffering from hyperhidrosis.”

Sorry you missed it? Request to be on our VIP early-alert list so you're certain to receive notification when we set our 2016 date and location (hint: if we receive funding, it will be in the autumn and most likely in Florida). And for our friends outside of the US, we are looking for sponsors to enable us to bring our education to the European Academy of Dermatology (EADV) annual fall meeting, so we hope to see you there.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to our educational grant providers who made our 2015 Master Class possible: Allergan, the makers of Certain-Dri, and R.A. Fischer. And especially to Seattle Children’s Dermatology Division where kids (and adults) of all ages can find best-in-class, compassionate care.

Looking for an IHHS-trained physician? The following physicians are some of the top graduates from our 2015 Seattle Master Class. [Tip: You'll find all their info in our Physician Finder].

Daniel Berg, MD in Seattle, WA

Heather Brandling-Bennett, MD in Seattle, WA

Steven Greene, MD in Seattle, WA

Francesco D'Alessandro, MD in Walla Walla, WA

Deepti Gupta, MD in Seattle, WA

Renata Jenkin, MD in Clyde Hill, WA

Robert Sidbury, MD in Seattle, WA

Charlotte Tsai, MD in Lake Oswego, OR

Patricia Walker, MD in Santa Barbara, CA

Youwen Zhou, MD, in Vancouver, BC CANADA

Search our Physician Finder for these and other healthcare providers who are IHHS-educated, or search by the types of treatments you are interested in. Looking for miraDry specifically? Click here.

Want to try something new at no cost to you? Check out hyperhidrosis research studies enrolling volunteers. Much of the progress being made today is due to the advocacy and collective voices raised at our hyperhidrosis educational events. New research and new treatments are underway especially thanks to you -- the brave, outspoken patients who join in. Participate -- it's the only way to improve hyperhidrosis treatments.

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