International Hyperhidrosis Society has been awarded as a Top-Rated NonProfit for four years in a row! Read the reviews and add your own.

What would DRY mean to You?

Would it mean you can finally shake hands without embarrassment? Or stop planning your entire wardrobe around sweating? Would it mean that you didn't have to bring a change of clothes to work? Or that you could raise your hand in class? At long last, would you be able to express yourself and participate fully in things that you can't now? Would you find that confidence that was lost long ago when your excessive, uncontrollable sweating started--when your hyperhidrosis started?

Excessive, uncontrollable sweating is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Here at you can learn about hyperhidrosis treatments, support, and research underway. International Hyperhidrosis Society is the global organization providing resources for millions of sufferers whose lives are being ruined by excessive sweating. This is fill up your shoes sweat, ruin the test you just took with a dripping hand sweat, soaking through two shirts on a job interview underarm sweat! We are talking 5 times what everyone else sweats. If this sounds familiar to you, no matter where you sweat, we want you to know first and foremost: you are not alone!

At least 3% of the global population suffers from excessive sweating, aka hyperhidrosis. How many people is 3% you ask? 220,470,000! That's right: at least 220 MILLION people are just like you. They may be sweating on different body areas, or for different reasons. But they are all dealing with excessive sweating and so are we.

We are the International Hyperhidrosis Society -- the only independent, global, non-profit advocacy and education organization serving the world of people who sweat more than they need to, and everyone who cares for them. Get ready to read, print, participate, download, sign-up and get smart about excessive sweating.

While you are doing that, we are busy running medical education courses in hyperhidrosis to help you manage or stop sweating, supporting research into new hyperhidrosis treatments, talking to journalists around the world, and applying for grants so we can keep going. There are insurance codes US patients and physicians need to know, surveys to take, even hyperhidrosis clinical trials you can be part of. We have a physician finder and an award-winning free blog newsletter about the latest in treatments and research. You can even find free hyperhidrosis treatment and amazing fan-fave product discounts here, so stick around. Life is about to get better. :)

Feeling the love? Share it! We are only as strong as we are together. Donate today and help us find a cure and increase public awareness. We need tomorrow to be better than today.

Non-profit shout-outs

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International Hyperhidrosis Society has received the GuideStar Exchange Seal a leading symbol of transparency and accountability provided by GuideStar, the premier source of nonprofit information.




International Hyperhidrosis Society has been awarded as a Top-Rated NonProfit for four years in a row! Read the reviews and add your own.

International Hyperhidrosis Society

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Join in and help find a cure, develop a new treatment, attend a free clinic, or increase public understanding. Bookmark this page and visit weekly!


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Hyperhidrosis is a serious medical condition, and deserves to be taken seriously by doctors, and understood by everyone. Support education and public awareness.


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