What type of doctor should I see for hyperhidrosis treatment?

As you search for a physician, please keep a few things in mind. First, every physician and patient is different so there is no one answer that fits everyone’s needs. That said, we do have a few ideas for you.

First, use our hyperhidrosis-focused Physician Finder database to find a physician in your area who is familiar with hyperhidrosis. If you don’t find a nearby physician right away, please be patient. We are working feverishly to educate health care providers about the latest treatments for excessive sweating and after every educational event, more and more physicians register with us. So, check back often, new physicians are joining the Physician Finder all the time.

Our second recommendation is to talk to a dermatologist. In our experience, dermatologists tend to be among the most informed about hyperhidrosis. If the first dermatologist you talk to is not familiar with excessive sweating and the latest treatment options, kindly ask him or her for a referral to someone else who might be better able to help you. You may also refer any physicians you come in contact with to this Web site, www.SweatHelp.org. We have extensive information available for health care providers and also offer educational courses.

There are other types of doctors who treat hyperhidrosis, including primary care physicians, family practitioners, internists, neurologists, and surgeons.

Before you consult a surgeon, however, please know that there are serious risks and side effects associated with ETS surgery and it is considered a treatment of last resort. There are other treatments, like botulinum toxin type A injections and iontophoresis that are highly effective and that should certainly be tried first. For more information, visit our Hyperhidrosis Treatments area.

For additional information about the different types of doctors who treat hyperhidrosis, visit our Choosing Your Doctor page in the Getting Help section of this site.

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