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04b818f4 94fd 4614 99a9 1845776a2383Improve Hyperhidrosis Care by Leveraging the Power of PAs 

Now more than ever, Physician Assistants (PA) are providing quality care and improved access to care across the nation and across medical specialties. In dermatology in particular, PAs have the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of hyperhidrosis patients by providing the latest hyperhidrosis treatments, and combinations of treatments, to meet individual needs. Studies show that most hyperhidrosis patients visit five different doctors before they either give up or, finally, get some adequate care for their sweating problems. Wouldn't it be better to get the right, modern treatment the first time from an IHHS-trained PA?

In a new paradigm of education and collaboration, the International Hyperhidrosis Society has partnered with the national Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (SDPA) and Georgia Dermatology Physician Assistants (GDPA) to provide informative hyperhidrosis workshops at each organization's annual fall conference.

Thanks to an educational grant from the makers of miraDry, we're able to provide PAs with foundational knowledge in the diagnosis and care of excessive sweating, as well as understanding of all the current treatment choices and how to match them to patients' needs. And thanks to our wonderful patient volunteers, attendees have the chance to participate in live, hands-on demonstrations of Botox injections, iontophoresis, and miraDry.

From didactics to clinical applications – PAs get it covered so they can provide life-changing care to the excessive sweating patients in their communities.

As we post this, we're just back from the amazing Georgia Dermatology Physician Assistant (GDPA) conference. It was great to see so many engaged derm PAs there and we can't wait to list our CME graduates in our Physician Finder (look for names posted in our next blog post)! 

PAs who still want to become hyperhidrosis heroes -- don't delay! Register for the SDPA conference and attend our workshop!

Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants
13th Annual Fall Dermatology Conference
November 12 -15, 2015, Orlando, FL
Hyperhidrosis, Friday November 13, 2015
Lecture and live treatment training 3:45-5:45pm (tickets required.)
Click here for registration and details.

Huge thanks to the makers of miraDry for their educational grant which makes these informative and practice-enhancing workshops possible!

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