Since we started the International Hyperhidrosis Society in 2003, the Internet has played a central role in helping us reach millions of people around the world who suffer with and treat excessive sweating. In the near decade that’s followed, the Internet has become an even greater influence in our daily lives. New devices, programs and apps appear daily, increasing our access to the Internet’s ever-expanding web of information. For the International Hyperhidrosis Society, staying current in this era is extremely important: Optimizing available technology and growing social networks allows the greatest number of people to access and the diverse IHHS community.

This is why we’re thrilled to introduce the newly redesigned and updated resource forum. The new website offers more ways to connect with the hyperhidrosis community, including a link to the International Hyperhidrosis Society's Facebook page. Information has been updated to reflect the latest in hyperhidrosis care and treatments--like the introduction of miraDry--which is evolving almost as fast as Internet technology. An important note: take a moment to update your IHHS subscription to ensure that you stay connected with and all of its new features (you can do this through any email that we send to you).

When you arrive on the new homepage, you’ll be introduced to real-life hyperhidrosis sufferers sharing their stories. Though each one is unique, they all share the same struggles to combat (and conquer!) excessive sweating. We chose to emphasize the stories of real people, describing in their own words the true burden of living with excessive sweating because feelings of tremendous isolation are a hallmark of this disease. There are millions of people in the world affected by hyperhidrosis; when you start the journey toward understanding and treatment at, you’ll have an extensive network of hyperhidrosis education and support around you.

Explore the over 200 new pages of content, including a new calendar of events where readers can see at a glance what’s coming in the months ahead and more functionality and ways to connect with other people who have or treat excessive sweating. All medical professionals who want to improve their hyperhidrosis treatment skills now have access to a comprehensive library of online hyperhidrosis treatment training videos and a library of published clinical research to explore.  

The tireless, year-long dedication of Albert Ganss of DesignHow took the redesign of the new website to a beautiful and impressive new level. He worked day and night to create a place that would provide the vast world-wide hyperhidrosis community with a more organized, interconnected and current purview of the most comprehensive collection of hyperhidrosis information anywhere today.   We highly recommend Albert Ganss aka DesignHow for your design work!

Lisa J Pieretti, executive director and co-founder of the International Hyperhidrosis Society is elated with the new design: “We wanted the site to show our evolution, our dedication, and our oneness with our hyperhidrosis community. We are lock-step with those who need us. We are gritty and don't shy away from the challenges of hyperhidrosis. We are real and we have integrity. We want visitors to see that we've knocked down the walls between suffering, understanding, and treatment: This is who we are now—a place where there are no limits to learning about, talking about, and treating excessive sweating. This oneness of purpose makes the learning and communicating have a sense of shared grace. Our growth and evolution is a tangible result of the courage of our community."

Stop by and begin (or renew) your journey toward better hyperhidrosis care today on the new We travel this journey together, and YOU are important to us.

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