Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay. But for those of us who sweat (a lot) Valentine’s Day can be really scary.

Hold hands? But mine are clammy on the best of days! Hug? No, sorry, I don’t lift my arms in public. Dinner? Did I mention that I sweat when I eat? Hot outfit? Oops, can’t wear red, it shows sweat stains… Normally, we might give this whole holiday a miss. But this year we’ve got FOUR STEPS for coping with, and better yet, LOVING Valentine’s Day.

  • 1) Find the right antiperspirant. (You can even shop here and now -- with a discount to boot!) There are antiperspirants for hands, feet, faces, AND underarms. Yes, you can hold hands. Still worried? Consider adding iontophoresis to your weekly wellness routine. Electricity you’ll love!
  • 2 Sweat-proof your outfit. Fan faves include moisture-beating shoe liners, undershirts, dress shirts, urban wear, and even underwear for sweaty bits under there.
  • 3) If things get hot, make sure you have the right sheets and pajamas. Temperature regulating and moisture wicking in the bedroom. Need we say more?
  • 4) Show the good doctor some love. But make sure it’s the right doctor. Love thyself and finally get real treatment for that real sweating problem of yours. Find a physician who really knows the deal. Now.

Cupid is so lucky; no one notices his sweat stains, while the rest of us rely on tips, tricks, and treatment. There's more on the way so make sure you are signed up to receive our Blog alerts so you get first dibs and first notice.

Wishing you love, friendship, and a dry sense of humor this February 14th! <3

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