Ruining My Life

I suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis. My hands drip sweat off of them. They leave huge wet marks on papers. They ruin my life. Living with this is absolutely horrible. I have been depressed over this. I'm so lonely. I'm so afraid to go on dates, shake people's hands, and basically touch anyone. Everyone is in relationships but I don’t think I can ever have one. I feel like I can never get married or have kids. This is ruining my life and I just need help.

ETS Surgery Pain

I had endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS surgery) performed in 2007 for palmar hyperhidrosis. I have compensatory and gustatory sweating, which I expected, but about a year ago, I developed severe pain in my abdomen under the ribs along the same level as where the operation was performed. I've gone through intensive medical studies and everything has checked out as normal. I believe the surgery caused it. Nothing else explains the pain.

Tired of It

I have primary focal hyperhidrosis. I have the worst case of it and, although I try my best to live my life as normal as possible, every time I have a job interview, or the summer comes, I am devastated. I always wear gloves as I feel safer that way and, of course, no sandals. I am just tired of it.

Ongoing Torture

I'm a teenage girl. I can't wear colored clothes without getting huge pit stains, so I have to have dark or black shirts. I have tried antiperspirants with maximum protection and I still get sweaty. I still get those stains. I'm even afraid to raise my hand in class. My sweat-problem is an ongoing torture.

I Can’t Go Out

My sweating is so severe I can't go out. I had a sympathectomy operation (ETS) in 2009 but it did not work and my condition was made worse. I sweat so much that I sometimes faint because I can’t rehydrate my body fast enough to keep up with the sweating! My skin is also very dry from all this sweating – so much so that it is breaking down and I have cellulitis. It’s killing me. I am so unhappy.