16 years of advocacy

16 = Wisdom, Wholeness & Solutions

Celebrate this Auspicious Anniversary with Us

The number 16 has long been an optimistic figure in India. Similarly, in numerology, 16 signifies intuition side-by-side with a scientific and analytic mind, wisdom, wholeness, and solution-finding. The tarot card for 16 is the Tower, symbolizing great changes. And Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. Few argue his achievements.

We couldn’t be happier to celebrate this 16th anniversary of our founding with you, our community members. Thanks for 16 years of support, striving and sharing. We are here for you and because of you.

Please share our pride in these 16 efforts:

  1. In October 2019 we will host our 30th continuing education event for healthcare providers. Over the years we’ve hosted these seminars, lectures and hands-on trainings to teach healthcare providers in seven countries (and counting) best practices in hyperhidrosis diagnosis and treatment. And, coming soon, we’ll post digital content from our latest Master Class here on SweatHelp.org so everyone can easily get more up-to-date.
  1. We’ve earned GlobalSkin membership. GlobalSkin is a unique global alliance dedicated to improving the lives of dermatology patients worldwide. Find us on their list here and share in their data-focused mission to raise awareness of the impact of skin diseases. IHhS will be attending the GlobalSkin 2019 conference in Milan this June where Lisa J. Pieretti, our Executive Director, will participate in the RareDERM Forum aimed at impacting patients’ lives positively and measurably.
  1. We’re a 2019 Great NonProfit with a Top Nonprofit award. In fact, we’ve been a Top Nonprofit every year since the award was created! How do we get these important awards? Because YOU share inspiring stories about our work. Awww, thanks!
  1. IHhS will be attending the ISPOR conference this year where Executive Director, Lisa J. Pieretti, will join a roundtable focused on patient engagement in research and discuss how patient-generated data positively impacts health outcomes and decision making.
  1. We’re reaching more nurses (especially dermatology nurses) through the Journal of the Dermatology Nursing Association and an article about our work and focus. You can read the full piece here.
  1. Our (your!) Hyperhidrosis Patient-Focused Drug Development initiative earned a place at the 2019 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting. Presenting a research poster, IHhS shared information about how severely hyperhidrosis impacts sufferers’ social, emotional and physical lives. You can read all about it here or, better yet, listen to our new podcast on the subject (coming soon!)
  1. Speaking of podcasts, we are so excited to share our new podcast series with you! Get your fix with four #MyHhStories from hyperhidrosis sufferers and their loved ones. We think you’ll find relatability, inspiration and hope. More podcasts are on the way, too. Your commute, laundry-folding hour, walk, gym-time, or whenever/wherever you listen to pods is about to get better.
  1. Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month (HhAM) is getting bigger and better every year! Improving recognition, understanding and compassion related to extreme sweating helps sufferers to find better care and more support, and encourages improvements in treatment development, research and more. Highlights of the latest HhAM included: 170,000 healthcare professionals reached through our public service announcements and 101,000 visitors to SweatHelp.org from 206 different countries during the month. Learn more about HhAM achievements here.
  1. We’ve made our Physician Finder easier to use and personalize. As soon as you visit the Physician Finder, local providers will automatically pop-up. To further refine your choices, use criteria that you care about like: location, gender of provider, whether or not he/she has attended an IHhS educational event, or by body areas treated. Give it a go today!
  1. We’re getting more and more involved in mental wellness as it relates to hyperhidrosis and its impacts. Because hyperhidrosis pain is more than skin deep, we’re committed to bringing this conversation up again and again so that our community can find the physical and emotional relief it needs. Join us in taking a Mental Health First Aid course and in disseminating recent research on the associations between mental health concerns and excessive sweating. Raising awareness is key to making progress.
  1. In this vein, we are so proud of our 35-page white paper “The Voice of the Hyperhidrosis Sufferer.” It's available through our website but also through the FDA’s website. In it, we share the many testimonials gathered through our Patient-Focused Drug Development initiative. If you or a loved one lives with excessive sweating, this is your report. Your participation, feedback and support helped to make it possible and it reflects the experiences and insights of true experts – people who live with and suffer with hyperhidrosis. Please share the report widely to help raise awareness and understanding of the true burden of hyperhidrosis and to influence decision-makers, clinicians, researchers, and innovators to make positive change.
  1. Our co-founders and board of directors are repeatedly recognized as the experts in hyperhidrosis care and research. For instance, our co-founder Dr. David Pariser earned the American Academy of Dermatology’s (AAD) most prestigious honor — its Gold Medal! Dr. Pariser is senior physician with Pariser Dermatology Specialists in Virginia, Professor for the Department of Dermatology at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and a former AAD president. Find more of our Board of Directors’ important work through the numerous peer-reviewed journal articles they have authored. (Check out how many publications, for instance, Dr. Dee Anna Glaser has!)
  1. We’re always striving to provide the most comprehensive, reliable, up-to-date, data-driven hyperhidrosis treatment info available. Which means, we keep our Treatment pages on SweatHelp.org as current as possible. Whether it’s the latest new option, like Qbrexza, or making the most of more established therapies like antiperspirants and iontophoresis, we’re your source for sound information. Thanks for continuing to come back.
  1. We’re not Pollyanna about treatments either. We know, that WAY too often, it’s all about the money, money, money. Affording the hyperhidrosis care and treatment you need and deserve can be difficult (to say the least). One of our efforts in this area is to help USA residents, who don't have universal access to healthcare, through our Insurance and Reimbursement pages. Find useful Letters of Medical Necessity, Hyperhidrosis Preauthorization Request Forms, information on major health plans’ hyperhidrosis coverage policies, and coverage support for specific treatments (like iontophoresis, Botox and Qbrexza). Use these to help lessen the out-of-pocket impacts of caring for your medical condition.
  1. Our blogs (like this one) and emails (like the one that probably led you here) are things we work hard on. Communication and information-sharing is a key part of our mission. We want to provide you with whatever useful information we can. Information that can help you find the community, empathy, support, and treatment necessary to live your best life -- with and despite excessive sweating. Thanks for reading!
  1. Your help! We are so grateful and proud of the connections we have built over the past 16 years. Whether it’s through our website, emails, social media, events, or podcasts, we love reaching out to you and hearing from you in return. Please remember that you’re crucial to our mission and our goals. If you can make a donation to keep our work going, or shop through Amazon Smile, or ask your employer to make a donation (or match your donation), we’d really appreciate it. Who knows what we can achieve in the next 16 years!

Happy Anniversary to you (and us) wherever you are!

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