Under 17 and Over Sweating?

Being too embarrassed by sweating to raise your hand is not a learning difference.

It’s where we need to make a difference!

Finally BE HEARD. Researchers scheduling interviews (and paying $150) now!

Kids and teens needed between the ages of 9 and 17 who struggle with excessive underarm sweating. Researchers want to learn more about hyperhidrosis in young people. Kids and teens with excessive underarm sweating can help just by being interviewed once, for about an hour in Atlanta, GA or Bethesda, MD.

All participants who complete the interview will be paid a sweet $150 PLUS if you refer anyone to the study, you get $25 for each person who completes the interview.

To qualify, there will be a screening by phone that takes just 15 minutes.

For the Bethesda, Maryland location call 301-215-7248 x354 and ask for Abbey.  Interviews will take place September 7th.

For the Atlanta, Georgia location call 770-955-1232. Interviews will take place September 9th.

Reserve your spot today!!